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Our Partners / how can we forget them



Coconnex is a mid sized, well established and highly professional International organisation. Our experience in online services and the event industry, allows us to deliver easy-to-use, intuitive, engaging and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Coconnex also have a highly responsive account management and client support teams to provide ongoing assistance with any aspect of our service. With offices in 3 continents (Europe, Asia and America) we are able to support clients and events around the world.

Coconnex is part of the Cohezia Group of companies ( This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of integrated services.

Coconnex provides online Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for conference and exhibition organisers. Our technology has been developed following extensive market research, client feedback and involvement from event industry professionals.

Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.


14 years focused on foreign exhibitions to help you develop overseas markets!

Guangzhou Yu Sheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It has extensive domestic and international exhibition and group exhibition experience. It has organized Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and France. , Iran, South Korea, the Philippines, Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, Poland, Colombia, Peru, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Romania, South Korea, Ghana, Germany, Pakistan and other countries of the exhibition of power electronics and petroleum lighting .


Inter Fairs

We have been specializing in promotional marketing in the trade exhibition industry (since 1997). INTERFAIRS provide organizers and exhibitors with a full package of services, like sales promotion, booths design and buyers match making for over 60 exhibitions per year.

INTERFAIRS fosters and maintains excellent relations with industry organizations such as SBA(Seoul Business Agency), Kbiz(Korea Federation of small and medium business), GIVA (Gyeonggi Venture Association) and industrial associations from the medical, food, electric, plastic, packaging security industries as well as local city and provincial governments.

We are also a member of the AKEI(Association of Korea Exhibition Industries) and the Korea Institute of Exhibition.

For some events, INTERFAIRS contributes over 2,000sqm of exhibition space per year with partners from our database of highly qualified contacts in many industries and the manufacturing sector.



To create a global marketplace for goods and services. We believe in seamless growth and work to enhance your efforts in reaching out to the desired geographies. For those who are looking for only Business fairs, we have the B2B events. For those who are looking for specialized B2C events our bouquet offers plenty.

We have redefined the approach to trade fairs and other business events through the concept of Intelligent Interface at our hi-end online networking platforms. Our online platform is our first step in taking the trade fair and other business events beyond geographical boundaries. Our platform creates a simultaneous stage for our clients for an ongoing show.